A Little Something About Me…

Dr. Kim Borromeo, director of Lonestar Psych, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Texas, dedicated to helping individuals achieve their best in life  through providing therapy and psychological assessment. She graduated from Azusa Pacific University (APU), an APA Accredited University in Southern California. The formalized training focused on integrating evangelical Christian thought, through critically examining psychological theory using ethical and theological frameworks. The doctorate program was based on a Systems Theory approach, with an Emphasis on Family Psychology, which prepared Dr. Borromeo to be able to treat individuals of all ages, all well as couples and families.

During her training at APU, Dr. Borromeo provided counseling and psychological assessment to children at an elementary school. She then expanded her experience at a Domestic Violence Shelter in South Central Los Angeles working with battered mothers and their children. In this setting, she provided individual counseling, trauma-focused group therapy, family therapy, psychological evaluation, assessment/testing, life skills training, and creative art therapy. She also led a mindfulness-based group which was geared toward helping the women reduce their anxiety by practicing being in the “here and now.” After working 2 years in this setting she was able to gain additional experience at Aurora Charter Oak Hospital as an Emergency Intake Psychiatric Specialist.

Dr. Kim Borromeo

Clinical Psychologist

She provided emergent psychiatric evaluations to individuals presenting to the hospital for reasons of active psychosis, suicidality, homicidal thoughts/intent, substance abuse, and a range of other emotional disorders. The hospital provided inpatient and outpatient services to individuals of all ages with an array of presenting disorders, which provided Dr. Borromeo with an enriching experience that exposed her to individuals struggling with severe mental illness and addiction.

For her formal internship year, Dr. Borromeo was accepted to a nationally accredited APA internship program at Brooke Army Medical Center located at Fort Sam Houston, in San Antonio, TX. She served 4 years on Active Duty in the Army, while training and functioning in the capacity of a Military Psychologist. She treated Active Duty service members struggling with various issues including PTSD, depression, anxiety, marital and relationship problems, substance abuse, and issues surrounding reintegration after returning from deployment. She treated service members through providing psychological evaluation, counseling, psychological assessment, crisis intervention, and other therapeutic efforts. Dr. Borromeo served as Chief of Psychology at Bayne Jones Army Community Hospital in Ft. Polk, LA, where she served service members in a variety of ways. She provided therapy, psychological testing, assisted with disability evaluations, and led a Chronic Pain Relief group. After retiring from Active Duty she returned home to San Antonio, TX where she has continued to provide psychological assessment and testing to children, adolescents, and adults. She also currently provides therapy for clients using treatment modalities such as CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy), Family Systems Approach, Mindfulness, Christian-Based Counseling, and Play Therapy and Creative Art Therapy for children.