Adoption Testing Services

Adoption Services San Antonio

Adopting a child is one of the most wonderful gifts for both the child and adoptive parents.  We understand the stress that comes with navigating the complex process, agency paperwork, and not to mention the preparation of bringing your child home.  Our goal is to help you complete the adoption testing and psychological evaluation process needed for your adoption home study in a timely manner, with as little stress as possible.  In addition, we offer highly competitive rates and flexible meeting times ideal for those busy expecting parents!

THE EVALUATION PROCESS:  Dr. Kim Borromeo will meet with each parent separately for a one-hour clinical interview. Following the interview, the psychological adoption testing will take place. Each parent will be asked to complete a personality assessment (such as the MMPI-2) and and any other psychological test that is required by the adoption agency. Many times, adoption agencies will leave it up to the testing psychologist, as to whether additional tests should be added onto the required tests.  If Dr. Borromeo feels that additional tests are necessary, she will discuss this with the adoptive parents. This can be a strength for the home study results if additional tests reveal the stability and strengths of the adoptive parents at hand.

The appointment session and testing can last approximately three hours each in duration, depending on the number of psychological tests involved. Following the interview and psychological testing, Dr. Borromeo will compile the results and provide a comprehensive report directly to your adoption agency. We offer an optional feedback session once the report has been completed to discuss the findings. In addition to the adoption study results being given to the adoptive parents, the testing results are sent directly to the adoption agency.  We will assist in whatever way is necessary to communicate the competency of the adoptive parents involved.