Forensic Services

Forensic psychology is the application of psychological knowledge within the legal context. Dr. Delatorre’s training permits him to conduct a wide variety of public safety, civil, criminal, and family court related evaluations. He provides adult, and in some cases juvenile, criminal court-ordered, prosecution, or defense attorney sought evaluations. He can also provide psycho-legal consultation services and act as an expert witness.¬†Here are the various types of evaluations that he conducts.

Forensic Criminal Services:

Competency to Stand Trial
Competency to Waive Miranda Rights
Competency for Execution
Criminal Responsibility
Risk Assessment (General, Violence, Sex)
Assessment of Potentially Mitigating Mental Health Issues
Sentencing: Aggravating and Mitigating Factors
Consultation for Criminal Cases (theme preparation, witness prep, voir dire)
Cases Involving Firesetting

Forensic Civil Services:

Sexually Violent Predator Evaluations
Alleged Psychological Injury due to Traumatic Stressors
Independent Psychological Evaluations (i.e., IME)
Assessment of Alleged Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Risk for abuse/neglect from caregiver
Consultation for Civil Cases (theme preparation, witness prep, voir dire)
Immigration Evaluations

Employment Related Services:

Pre-Employment Evaluations, including L-3 evalutions
Fitness for Duty Evaluations
Critical Incident Evaluations & Debriefings
Threat Assessment/Management (school and workplace)
Licensing Board Evaluations
Firearm Restoration

General Psychological Assessments:

General Diagnostic Assessment/Treatment Recommendations
Personality Assessment
Assessment of Intellectual Functioning

He also completes assessments related to Divorce and Child Custody.